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Verde serves disadvantaged communities.  These community members are low-income and low-wealth.  They work hard jobs that are low paying, unhealthy, unstable, with little chance to advance, build a career or develop skills.  Economically marginalized, they are disconnected from Portland's broader economic opportunities - including opportunities driven by environmental policies.

At the same time, Portland grows a sustainable economy, where environmental protection is an engine of economic growth.  This economy creates new environmental jobs and new environmental business opportunities.  But a divide exists between sustainability and low-income communities, a Green Divide.

No group can tackle this problem by itself, and Justice needs many friends.

Thus, Verde works together with many other organizations to overcome Portland's Green Divide.  These partnerships are our greatest asset.

Verde brings partners together to:

  • Deliver environmental job, job training and entrepreneurial opportunities to disadvantaged communities
  • Strengthen the connection between protecting the environment and making a good living
  • Build community capacity to access and influence environmental decisions.